Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Sustainable Souls Project - June 2017

Hi...Happy Wednesday!

Today, we go live with Month Six of The Sustainable Souls project.

 The Sustainable Souls Project evolved from my yearly discovery of a single word.  Each year, I choose a word to define my hopes, focus, and desires for the next 365 days.  Past words have included: home, explore, be, and others.  

This year, I chose the word, 'Sustainability'.  Because the earth is in dire need of help and I want to leave a legacy for my children and their children to inherit, I thought it was time to focus on issues of Sustainability.

But I wanted to make 2017 different.  I wanted to include others in my word, since Sustainability cannot be done alone.  Yes, every small action helps, but it's the combination of hundreds of small acts that make a difference.  Hence, The Sustainable Souls Project.

Each month, we will pick a sustainability topic and create awareness through art.  Projects may include art journaling, mixed media, assemblage, and more.  We are hoping to educate, entertain, and create awareness, one paint stroke at a time.

June's theme is 'Carbon Footprint'.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

The carbon footprint is a very powerful tool to understand the impact of personal behavior on climate change.  Most people are shocked when they see the amount of CO2 their activities create.  If you personally want to contribute to stop global warming, the calculation and constant monitoring of your personal carbon footprint is essential.

(Source -

 Interested in the CO2 emissions for your country of residence?  Here's a link of the Top 20 countries by total emissions and by per capita.  

There are many Carbon Footprint calculators on-line.  Here's a link to the calculator provided by

I was interested in my carbon footprint 'number', so I took the test and here's what it said.

While the initial result made me feel a good about my impact to the environment, there are many things I can do to make it better!

Here are several ways that you (and I) can reduce our carbon footprint and 5 simple changes to your nutritional plan.

The inspiration for my project this month came from a literal interpretation of a carbon 'footprint'.  Using a free motion stitch, I designed a foot-inspired wall hanging, using basic muslin, rust dyed by the sun. 

In addition to my main art piece each month, I am creating a smaller piece that will be combined with 11 others to create ONE large piece.  Here's a peek at my June contribution.

Want to do more?  Want to be a Sustainable Soul?  Want to create with us each month?  Send me a message and I'll provide more details.Here's a peek at what the other Sustainable Souls created this month.

Here's a peek at what the other Sustainable Souls created this month.

Interested in my past Sustainable Souls projects?  Here's link to each.

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 If you can't create with us each month but would like to support and participate in our quest for a Sustainable future, please feel free to grab our badge and share it on your social media sites.  We truly appreciate your support and understanding that our future must change for many generations to come. 
Want to get your kids involved in reducing our global footprint?  Here's a video you might enjoy.